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April Fools Day is about to arrive and today in this news we will tell you the very best April Fools Jokes, you can try these April Fool's Jokes on anybody, it will be very easy and simple April Fools Jokes.

If you can do something practical in these jokes, then there will be only jokes, which you can text to someone on pranks days in April.
We hope that these April Fools Jokes are very well understood, and if we do not delay, let's know these April fools Jokes.

#1.fake snake jokes for april fools day 

You can also do this Joke Practical for pranks Day, for this you need a fake snake, and you have the option, either keep this fake snake with the person you want to fool, and suddenly tell him It is a snake, or you say that you have bitten a snake and it is out in the garden, you can use this prax idea for your girl friend or your boyfriend, And this is also a great April Fool's Idea.
april fool jokes, april fools day
april fools jokes 

#2.salt in coffe jokes for april fools day 

If you need a pranks or jokes for your father or mother, then you have come to the right place.
To make this joke practical, you have to add sugar instead of sugar to your parents' coffee, and when they drink it, then you just have to see their reaction, in the month of April, you take this joke to make anybody fools Can.
april fool jokes, april fools day
april fools jokes 

#3.wrong time setting 

This is also a very popular Fox Jokes, you can also pretend it to be done, to do this, you have to change the time of everybody's timepiece, and when your boyfriend or your father gets up to sleep Will be surprised.
april fool jokes, april fools
april fools jokes 

#4.april fools jokes for single people

The idiots are those who propose on 8th February.The wise people are those who propose on April 1. 
  If she or he agree then it is cool. And if not,  then sister it is April fool.
april fool jokes, april fools pranks
april fools jokes 

#5.april fools jokes (non-practical)

father: Check out at least one book worthless
son: What are you talking about Papa opening a book everyday and watching and reading,
Which one.

father: Oh my dear son, forgive me, which book do you read

son: Facebook

father: Your pocket money off today
april fool jokes, april fools day
april fools jokes 

#6.toothpaste in sampoo bottle jokes for april fools day

You just have to use this joke on April Fools 'Day, just buy a toothpaste and mix it in your girlfriends' joint bottle. Then you enjoy this joke, you must use this April Fools 'Pranks for Fools' Day as it is very easy to do this you can use this pranks for your mother or you can use this prox jokes on your boyfriend too. Can.
april fools jokes, fool april
april fools jokes 

#7.freeze favourite food jokes for april fools day 

To do this April Fools Jokes, you have to freeze your favorite food of your children and give them this food at the time of breakfast, then just have to have fun, but this pranks Idea you do on your little son so that he Become April Fools.
april fools jokes , pranks for kids
april fools jokes 

#8.hide 8 items in thier room but tell them 9 jokes for april fools day 

This joke is very easy. You have 8 things to hide in the room, and for whom you are using this joke, you have to say that you have hidden 9 things in the room, this Joke is the best for the kids and you will find this April Fools Idea You can also use boyfriend or girlfriends.
april fools jokes, april fool
april fools jokes 

#9.patchup april fools jokes for april fools day

To do this joke, you have to talk about your patch up with your girlfriend or your boyfriend and then to see their reaction, it is also a joke's April Fools Pranks, you must do this on April 1 and your partner Make fools
april fools jokes, couple pranks
april fools jokes 

#10.red water jokes with tap for april fools day 

You just have to mix red colored water into the source of water, then when someone opens the tap for a bath then it will become red, this pranks or jokes are very popular and the best joke, you can use it for your golfers or boyfriends. If you can, or on your kid, but children are not careful, they can be scared badly.
april fools jokes, april fool
april fools jokes 


When these jokes are being used on a person, keep an eye on the troubles from these jokes so that you are safe and we are happy to share this article.

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