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10 Hilarious april fools pranks for april fool's day


April 1, 2019 is going to come and these people search for several April fool ideas to fool each other, many Ideas are very good, so many Ideas are Normal, and in today's blog we will give you some such April Fools Pranks will tell you, you can fool anyone by looking at them, they will be the best April Fools Pranks.

In this article you will find such great ideas that you can use for your kids, so there are some pranks ideas from which you can do it for your girlfriends, some of them are those ideas that you will find in April Fools Day can also be used for his father, so let's know about these 10 April fool pranks.

#1.fake poop in toilet pranks idea

You can adopt this method to fool your kids on fools day. You just have to put a fake shit in the restroom this morning, and believe that when your child gets restless, he will definitely consider it as real and stupid. By the way, you can use this fool idea for girlfriends too.

april fools prank, pranks for kids

#2.plant in keyboard prank for fool day

To do this April Fools Pranks, you should use a keyboard that is bad or now that the keyboard is not of any use, there are two ways to do this prank. You deposit some seeds in this old keyboard or you Apply some plants from your garden with the help of clay in the keyboard, and replace April Fools' Day with the real keyboard, you can do this pranks in your office, because its Office pranks are called or you can do the same with his father.
april fools pranks, pranks for office

#3.cockroach in fruit or vegetables pranks for april fool's day

You can do pranks day a pranks which is absolutely simple and normal, in this pack, you just have to take the fruit or vegetable from the market, and then you have to keep a fake cockroach in the middle of those vegetables, and give it to your mum To give, you can use this pranks for your sister too, then you can use this preference for your girlfriends too.
april fools pranks, pranks for mom

#4.car for sale pranks for april fool'day 

This preed idea is very fun, if you are afraid of your father, then do not do this pranks, because you have to order to sell your father's car in this prank, you will be able to do this prank. You have to put a car for cell board on your father's car, you can use this prince Idea for your father or you can use this pranks for your boyfriend. Can do it.
car april fool pranks, pranks for fathar

#5.fish in toilet pranks for 1st april 

This preference is very easy prank, to do this prank, just bring some small and live fish and leave it in your toilet, when your sister goes to the restroom, she will be frightened by seeing the fish, and will become stupid You can use this charity for your girlfriends or your younger brother or even your kids.
april fools pranks, april fool pranks

#6.fake chocolate pranks

Now there is another superb pranks on the top of Idea, you can buy this grape fruit to do this April fools pranks, and make them like a pack of chocolates as you can see in this great photo, then you Give it to your children by saying that you are giving them chocolate, when children open the packets, they will become stupid after finding grapes.

pranks for kids, april fools pranks

#7.best toilet pranks for april fool's day 

Before you do this April Fools Pranks, we will tell you that many people will have a problem with doing this practice but you want to do this pranks then you will change the sign of the public toilet on this April, and pay attention to this pranks After doing so, you must apologize most so that the meeting can enjoy the pranks, you can do this pranks in your office too.
april fools pranks, toilet pranks

#8.solid milk prank ideas for kids 

April Fools Day you must use the April Fools' Pranks, but to do this practice it is necessary for you to have a younger child or siblings because only a small child will be born from this pranks, you just have to give solid milk to the kids, and milk By looking at him, he will surely get into thinking that this is what is this, you should use this preference for your sister or for younger brother, or for your children.
april fools pranks, pranks-for-kids

#9.fake kinder joy pranks for kids 

To do this April fool pranks, you bring Kinder joy and give it to your children, and remember that you put some vegetables in those kindergarten joints, and after that when you open this kinder joy, they will become stupid. April fool Idea is very different and best, so you must make your kids fools this April.
april fools pranks, kids pranks

#10.fake sauce on tablet pranks for fool day 

To make your boyfriend or kids happy on April Fool's Day, you drop the fake sauce on the tablet and if you want to use the real sauce then do not make this mistake as your boyfriend or your kid's tablet can get spoiled, then When you are doing this pranks, keep in mind that you do not have any tablet in the tablet, even after you do this pranks, you fool your boyfriend or child Can.
april fools prank, pranks for boyfriend


If you do any mischief then take care of security, otherwise you may suffer a lot due to these thoughts, and do not forget to share this post of friends, April Fool's Day and comment.

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